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A task I created as part of an applied brief. The brief was incredibly broad - each applicant was asked to create a brand deck for a streetwear brand, 'Otis', in a day. They asked to create what we could and didn't expect a refined result. This was what I came up with - the brief allowed us to do whatever we wanted with the branding and style so I created something I felt was contemporary but would also eventually stand the test of time. Everything in this deck is my own original design, art direction and creative, I do not own images as they were used as fillers or examples for a final product.

otis pngs-01.png
otis pngs-02.png
otis pngs-03.png
otis pngs-04.png
otis pngs-05.png
otis pngs-06.png
otis pngs-07.png
otis pngs-08.png
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